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BAd Moon Rising V2 BAd Moon Rising V2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


That was unique, challenging, and trippy. I cant get past the 2nd set of ghosts. How many stages?

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Dragonray responds:

Again, thank you for your comments. Feedback is invalueable to a developer!

In Public, B'o'Numbers, all we can tell you is that the game was designed to beat you! (check your pm for the answer you are looking for :o)

I can say to everyone that the faster you fire, the faster they come. A built in level of difficulty, if you will. For a more relaxed game just chill out as best you can. Clearing the screen as fast as you can will fill it up again real fast! Once you get the hang of it, the ONLY way to take first place on the LeaderBoard is to shoot as fast and as straight as you can :)

Good luck! Dragonray Studios

mole attack! mole attack!

Rated 5 / 5 stars


that was pretty good, and its lookin like u dont have an email, or dont show it. i would email you with this question, but yeah. i was sorta makin the same kinda game, only with people running around, but almost exact, you have this hammer and when u hit them, the bad guy's movie clip starts or whatever. i know how to have nothing as a cursor, and it works because theres a clear button on the bad guy, but the hammer i made is also a button, cuz its gonna slam down when u click. thing is, u cant click 2 buttons on top of eachother. you have this method in your game and i would really really appreciate it if you told me the actionscript, or what you did to make the hammer move, and the mole get all bloody. my email is pockleboy150@hotmail.com ...i voted 5 just cause. so please email me i would love some help.

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mole-project responds:

i send you my email